The Valley of Death

The memorial where the Soviet tank T-34 fights down the German one is considered to be the gateway to the “Valley of Death”. From 25 to 27 October 1944 this was the place where the heaviest tank battles of Soviet troops took place in the territory of Europe after they crossed the Czech-Slovak border. The Valley of death is situated in the land territory and registry of village named Kružlová. The valley is part of the Ondavská Highlands and it was created by a brook called Svidničanka. The valley was named after the greatest tank battle that took place here in this place during the Carpathian-Dukla Operation. Passing the valley takes 40 minutes by walking or a few minutes by car and along the way you can spot war machines preserved in good condition. Every two years the city hosts the reconstruction of the battles of World War II.

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