The Observation Tower

The Observation Tower was built on the altitude 655 in the original place as the commander's observation post of General Ludvik Svoboda celebrating the 30th anniversary of Carpathian-Dukla Operation.

The interior of the observation tower is preferably filled with artistic works: Welcoming the Liberators by national artist A. Raček (in the lobby), figural composition named Common Fight by academic artist sculptor J. Koreň (the second wall), mozaic named Joyful Life by academic artist painter J. Králik (in rest-in cupola) and tapestry by academic artist painter H. Koreňová.

The outside of the tower is decorated with lime branch - the symbol of Slavonic solidarity and serves as a sign of Czech-Slovak generals made by academic artist sculptor F. Patočka.

In the tower there is a situation map illustrating the advancement of liberation army troops as well as defensive positions of the enemy together with the opening speech of commander of USSR Army Corps the General Ludvik Svoboda.

There is also a map illustrating a battlefield situation and it is being installed in the tower. The tower is 52m (170.6ft) high.

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