Open-air Ethnographic Exposition of SNM – Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidník

The open-air ethnographic exposition of SNM (The Slovak National Museum) – Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidník (OPEN-AIR MUSEUM) – is stretching on the area of 10 hectares right in the vicinity of the open-air amphitheater. On the base of substantial material the complex open-air ethnographic exposition opened in 1982 and illustrates to the visitors complex image and perception of basic living conditions of Ruthenians – Ukrainians in Slovakia in the past. The most typical landmarks of folk architecture, housing and living style in this part of Slovakia are concentrated here. Historical objects and buildings have been moved here and reconstructed and there are installations of typical folklore furniture, house inventory, traditional working tools and installations of folk artworks. Besides the main types of dwellings there are also presented in expositions all types of traditional farm buildings: barn, pigsty, garner, mow buildings, cellars, wells and other smaller buildings or constructions. These historical buildings are used for installations of traditional agricultural and farm equipment – various types of farm cars, ploughs, farm gates, coffers (“súseky”), baskets for corn and other various tools and equipment.

Technical and farm buildings are represented by water-mill, windmill, water sawmill and other smaller buildings. They are located along the small creek as it provides all the necessary conditions in order to demonstrate how they operate. One of the iconic historical monuments which can be found in the exposition is wooden church (so called “tserkva”) dating back to 1766 from the village of Nová Polianka (Mergeška) having rich interior decorations. In attempt to introduce folk culture of Ruthenians – Ukrainians in Slovakia in its complexity and the most comprehensive way the exposition also shows the most essential ways of how people earned their living – farming and pasturage. The area of the open-air museum is situated close to the open-air amphitheatre where thousands of people come every year to visit and take part in traditional FESTIVALS OF RUTHENIAN-UKRAINIAN CULTURE IN SLOVAKIA. Since 1986 one of the folk-ethnographic programs of the traditional FESTIVAL called TREASURES OF THE PEOPLE, takes place at this open-air ethnographic exposition and includes such attractions as traditional folk wedding, folk Easter customs, baptism, spinning party (evening gathering of villagers in winter during which flax was spun and stories told), children games, fairs, folk village parties, folk dance parties at the village and demonstrations of folk traditional crafts.

Traditionally very popular among visitors are DAYS OF HANDICRAFT AND FOLK TRADITIONS. Visitors may see demonstrations of traditional craft industry and hand craft processing of twigs, wood, clay, metal, threads and leather, fruits and vegetables exposition, noncompetitive exhibition of domestic animals and poultry, exposition of bee hives and beekeeping tools and equipment and as well as international regional championships in cooking so called “pirogy”.

Visitor Services:

  • giving lectures and guided tours to visitors
  • taking photographs and filming is permitted
  • selling souvenirs, promotional material, brochures and publications
  • eating and drinking facilities, resting areas, folk entertainment at the local traditional pub
  • presenting programs of authentic folklore, annual and family customs and oral traditions
  • holy liturgy in wooden church - built in 1766
  • organizing religious wedding ceremony
  • demonstrations of traditional craft industry and hand craft processing of various materials
  • family resting areas for visitors with children
  • visitors can rest at the museum's fireplace inside the exposition
  • visitor car park

Tel.: +421 54 7522 952

Opening hours:
(from 01.05. to 30.10.):
Tuesday - Friday 08.30-18.00
Saturday - Sunday 10.00 - 18.00

(od 01.11. do 30.04.):
Only with a reservation, tel.: +421 54 788 2100

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