Wooden Churches in the Eastern Slovakia

The north–eastern Slovakia due to its geographic location in the Central Europe and as a result of complicated historical conditions and development became a cultural crossroad where different cultures met and influenced each other and then were being spread in different directions. Over many centuries valuable architectural monuments came to arise and today they sure belong to the treasury of world culture. The wooden iconic constructions are its significant part because of their originality, technical and artistic rendering and social significance and they have joined the line of the most valuable cultural gems of the Slovak Republic and they are protected as national cultural monuments. Wooden churches (tserkvas) that have been preserved in the territory of north-eastern Slovakia on locations with Rusyn (Ruthenian) population are strong expression of mastery of common people, their sense of beauty and harmony with surrounding environment. They are also representing and showing the reverence and love for God, love for fellow men and the pride of its old Slavonic – Rusyn (Ruthenian) traditions.

The text was adapted and taken from publication "Miroslav Sopoliga: Perly ľudovej architektúry, 1996" (M. Sopoliga: Pearls of Folk Architecture)

The list of wooden churches (tserkas) in the environs:

  • Bodružal
  • Dobroslava
  • Havranec
  • Hunkovce
  • Korejovce
  • Krajné Čierno
  • Krajné Čierno
  • Kurimka
  • Ladomirová
  • Medvedie
  • Miroľa
  • Nižný Komárnik
  • Príkra
  • Svidník - Nová Polianka
  • Šemetkovce
  • Vyšný Komárnik

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