Gallery of Dezider Milly

Dezider Milly Gallery is the third exposition of SNM – Museum of the Ukrainian Culture in Svidník. The gallery was opened in 1983 in a Baroque manor house from the 18th century. It exhibits the development of folk and professional fine arts of Rusyn (Ruthenian)-Ukrainian community in Eastern Slovakia since the 16th century up to the present days. The dominant feature of exposition is valuable collection of icons that belong to the oldest and the most precious of art collections of SNM – Museum of the Ukrainian Culture in Svidník.

The exposition exhibits showpieces that chronologically present development of iconographical art from 16th – 18th centuries. Besides, the exposition exhibits the works of art of representatives of older and younger generation of artists: I. Kulec, P. Hromnyckyj, E. Bissová, O. Dubay, Š. Hapák, M. Rogovský, I. Šafranko, J. Kresila, A. Gaj, M. Čabala, M. Feďkovič, P. Michalič, P. Kolisnyk and others.

Adalbert Erdélyi and Jozef Bokšaj were the founders of contemporary Carpathian School of painting. Many painters of fine arts in Slovakia who acquired basic knowledge and direction for their further works from Erdélyi and Bokšaj resemble the characteristics of the Carpathian School in their early works of art. Dezider Milly Gallery exhibits pieces of work of these founders of Carpathian painting as well as works of art of such important personalities of artistic life like V. Borecký, F. Manajla, and A. Kocka.

The focal point of the exposition are the artworks of national artist Dezider Milly (1906 – 1971) – member of Generation 1909 who steps in history of modern fine arts in Slovakia as one of its founders. D. Milly who gave his name to the gallery declared his Ukrainian origin with pride. Characteristic features of his works are variety of themes, richness, technical diversity, showing mastery in depicting of rural man and ability to get into his inner emotional feelings, poetics and balladic atmosphere.

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