The Soviet Army Memorial

The Soviet Army Memorial in Svidík (the national cultural monument) was unveiled in 1954. It was designed by Ing. K. Lord, V. Šedivý and J Krumprecht. The authors of sculptural works are academic sculptors O. Kozák, J. Hana and F. Gibala. The monument is 37m (121.4ft) high and the star on its top is 3.5m (11.5ft) high. On the right side of the monument there is a relief named Partisan Patrol in SNP (the Slovak National Uprising) and on the left side there is another one named the Attack of the Soviet Army. In front of the monument there is a bronze sculpture of the Soviet sergeant paying the homage over the burial mound of killed Soviet soldiers. It is 4m (13.12ft) high and its authors are J. Bartoš and J. Hana.

There are two other sculptural groups that fit into the architectural complex of the monument named Hana’s Meeting and Gibala's Ambitious Vision to the Future. The pedestal of the monument is decorated with relieves: Raising the Flag To Celebrate the Victory, the relief of 9 May 1945, The People Welcoming Their Liberators, Partisans Greeting the Soviet Army and the Village Welcoming the Soviet Army. In the background of the monument there are symbolic tombs of killed soldiers of the Soviet army, infantry, tankists, artillerymen and air force soldiers. There are more than 9 000 Soviet soldiers buried in four common graves.

Between the Soviet Army Memorial and the Military Museum there is Park of Dukla battles best men built on the occasion of 30th anniversary commemorating the battles over Dukla with collections and presentation of military heavy machines.

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