The Dukla Pass

The road from Svidník to Dukla mountain pass is leading through memorable Dukla region crossing the villages of Ladomirová, Hunkovce, Krajná Poľana, Nižný Komírnik and Vyšný Komárnik.

At the crossroads to the Valley of Death on the left side of the main road on the way from Svidník there is an exhibit of a tank T-34 as it crushes Fascist Pz IV. under its belts. It reminds us one of the heaviest tank battles of the World War II. in the territory of the former Czechoslovakia.

On the left side of the gentle slope before entering the village of Hunkovce there is a cemetery with more than 500 German soldiers buried there.

Hills called Prokopec and Obšár laying over the village of Krajná Poľana were the centre of enemy's defense position. In the village of Krajná Poľana there was a military field hospital. And right at the village of Krajná Poľana there is a gateway to the open-air military museum.

Vyšný Komárnik was the first liberated village under the Dukla mountain pass. The people of Vyšný Komárnik welcomed their liberators on 6th October 1944 in the morning.

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